Fleck 5600 oring 13302 problem can result in too much water into the brine tank

Hi , I just received a new repair kit # 56PSKIT and have installed it, however
it now puts too much water into the brine tank, so much so the float in the brine
 tank rises and shuts it off. What have I done wrong? I thought I followed the
instructions to a T. Please advise

** Perhaps when you replaced the Brine Valve Piston Assembly ( 60032 )
you accidentally pulled out the o-ring ( 13302 ) that sits in the bottom of the hole
which the valve is installed in. Or at least the oring came out 1/2 way, and you
have jammed the Brine Valve onto the oring and it is not sitting flat.

** Remove the Brine valve and look in the hole for this oring. If you do not see it,
look on the floor around the unit. If you have lost it, you can use the one that is on
your old Brine Valve, as there is another 13302 oring on the Brine Valve
( it is on the white plastic portion of the assembly ).

Replacement 13302 O-ring can be found here SEE: ORING BRINE VALVE 13302


13302 ORING Damaged Leaking out Brine Fitting Video Here


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